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  1. ACTFL TOY 2006-Ken Stewart
  2. ACTFL TOY 2007-Christine Lanphere The Power of Involving Students in Their Learning Through Can-Do Statements
  3. ACTFL TOY 2008-Janet Glass FLES: Getting Young Students Talking
  4. ACTFL TOY 2009-Toni Theisen: Google Cardboard: Virtual Realia with a box and a phone
  5. ACTFL TOY 2010-Lisa Lilley
  6. ACTFL TOY 2011-Clarissa Adams Fletcher
  7. ACTFL TOY 2012-Yo Azama
  8. ACTFL TOY 2013-Noah Geisel
  9. ACTFL TOY 2014-Linda Egnatz
  10. ACTFL TOY 2015-Nicole Naditz: Connections: Bringing Language and Culture to Life