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2012 ACTFL TOY Presentation
Critical thinking & Problem-solving
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2011 ACTFL TOY Presentation

What is an IPA-Integrated Performance Assessment?

What is an Integrated Performance Assessment? (IPA) CobaLTT-CARLA Assessment information-What is IPA?
The IPA is a classroom-based assessment model that can be used for evaluating student’s language use in the three communicative modes (interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational) that correspond to the communication standards that appear in the national Standards for Foreign Language Learning (1996/1999).
In its original form, the IPA model proposes a cyclical approach to the development of performance assessment units. These units are thematic-based are composed of tasks that correspond to the three modes of communication.


Example 1: Theme: Stereotypes:

How are stereotypes formed"?

Interpretive Task: video-Jena Lee "US Boys"

Watch the video. Respond to the questions according to your observations of the video.

Interpersonal Task:
With a partner discuss the stereotypes and indicate which ones are true or false. Elaborate.

Presentational Task

Choice 1:Create a video about your school to clear up the stereotypes and give a true view of an American school. Choice 2: Create a video about school in France; Choice 3: Your choice

Example 2-Theme:School Supplies-French I

What does school look like in Francophone countries?
School is a reflection of the beliefs and ideas of a culture. The classes, the ways the system is organized, the school, etc. are all cultural elements. What about school supplies. We may know the vocabulary words for school items, but what do those items look like and what are their functions?
  • Learners will learn vocabulary words for schools items by reviewing the ppt. and learning the vocabulary about school supplies. They will then share and compare and contract. Finally they will go shopping for school supplies at an online store.

Interpretive Mode

Interpersonal Mode

Presentational Mode

A. Learners watch these "La rentrée" school supplies video to find out what students are buying for school supplies in France.
B. Answer these questions:
1. List 3 supplies that students buy.
2. What are you thinking about when you see this video in relationship to school supplies in France?
C. Learners read the school supply list from France to see the items students need in France.

Each student make a list of 10 school items they have today for class.
With a partner students share what they each have.
Use this ppt to guide you.


The learners compare and contrast school supply items in France with those items they buy for school in the United States, using the list as a speaking stimulus. Students create an online Venn Diagram
Learners go to this online school supply store in France:
Ma Papterie
You are spending a year in France and you need to get school supplies. Go to this online store, Ma Papterie to make your list.
Create a Google spreadsheet with10 items that are "must haves" for the school year.
1. Name of item in French
2. Type of item in French (such as cahier)
3. Item cost

Example 3: Theme: La Liberté-World War II-French Liberation-French 3

Why do people search for liberty and freedom?
The French Resistance was a strong force in the history of WWII in France. What did it look like?
How was it the movement formed and sustained and what were the results? How did it impact major events in WWII in France?
  • Learners will gather background information and choose a topic to explore by using this wikispace as a starter.
  • Learners will view and analyze the film Au Revoir Les Enfants.:
  • They also examine the role of the French Resistance in this film.
  • Learners then read and listen to the poem:"La Liberté" by Paul Eluard and for the interpretive task they draw pictures or find images of the emotions evoked and the message implied by the poem.
  • Students then research images of liberty for several cultures.Then in small groups, students discuss in French using the possibility of several online tools: 1. What is liberty?
    2. What images do we associate with liberty and why?
    3. What images do other countries have for liberty and why? (From their research)
    4. How does this poem represent liberty from the perspective of those involved in the French Resistance?
1. Interpretive Mode: Poem-
"La Liberté"-Paul Eluard
Écoutez ce poème

Learners read and listen to the poem:"La Liberté" by Paul Eluard and for the interpretive task they draw pictures or find images of the emotions evoked and the message implied by the poem in relationship to the French resistance.

Sur mes cahiers d'écolier
Sur mon pupitre et les arbres
Sur le sable sur la neige
J'écris ton nom

Sur toutes les pages lues
Sur toutes les pages blanches
Pierre sang papier ou cendre
J'écris ton nom

Sur les images dorées
Sur les armes des guerriers
Sur la couronne des rois
J'écris ton nom

Sur la jungle et le désert
Sur les nids sur les genêts
Sur l'écho de mon enfance
J'écris ton nom

Sur les merveilles des nuits
Sur le pain blanc des journées
Sur les saisons fiancées
J'écris ton nom

Sur tous mes chiffons d'azur
Sur l'étang soleil moisi
Sur le lac lune vivante
J'écris ton nom

Sur les champs sur l'horizon
Sur les ailes des oiseaux
Et sur le moulin des ombres
J'écris ton nom

Sur chaque bouffée d'aurore
Sur la mer sur les bateaux
Sur la montagne démente
J'écris ton nom

Sur la mousse des nuages
Sur les sueurs des orages
Sur la pluie épaisse et fade
J'écris ton nom

Sur les formes scintillantes
Sur les cloches des couleurs
Sur la vérité physique
J'écris ton nom

Sur les sentiers éveillés
Sur les routes déployées
Sur les places qui débordent
J'écris ton nom

Sur la lampe qui s'allume
Sur la lampe qui s'éteint
Sur mes raisons réunies
J'écris ton nom

Sur le fruit coupé en deux
Du miroir et de ma chambre
Sur mon lit coquille vide
J'écris ton nom

Sur mon chien gourmand et tendre
Sur ses oreilles dressées
Sur sa patte maladroite
J'écris ton nom

Sur le tremplin de ma porte
Sur les objets familiers
Sur le flot du feu béni
J'écris ton nom

Sur toute chair accordée
Sur le front de mes amis
Sur chaque main qui se tend
J'écris ton nom

Sur la vitre des surprises
Sur les lèvres attendries
Bien au-dessus du silence
J'écris ton nom

Sur mes refuges détruits
Sur mes phares écroulés
Sur les murs de mon ennui
J'écris ton nom

Sur l'absence sans désir
Sur la solitude nue
Sur les marches de la mort
J'écris ton nom

Sur la santé revenue
Sur le risque disparu
Sur l'espoir sans souvenir
J'écris ton nom

Et par le pouvoir d'un mot
Je recommence ma vie
Je suis né pour te connaître
Pour te nommer

2. Interpersonal Mode

Learners research images of liberty in our culture and in other Francophone countries. Then in small groups, students discussed in French:
1. What is liberty?
2. What images do we associate with liberty and why?
3. What images do other countries have for liberty and why? (From their research)
4. How does this poem represent liberty from the perspective of those involved in the French Resistance?

Tools to support discussion:
Today's Meet
3. Presentational Mode

1. Learners make a basic PowerPoint using the poem and images to demonstrate their understanding of the poem and its impact on the concept of "La Liberté".
2. Students do a "save as" for format of the ppt to the format of jpg.
3. Taking the jpg images of the ppt., they then use Animoto to make a video.

Louis et Rachid


2011 Resource for IPA

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2010 ACTFL TOY Presentation

Integrating technology to enhance communication


Add your thoughts to this session's Wallwisher. Just click and type.

Wallwisher tutorial
What is wallwisher?

16 Ways to Use a Wall
15 Interesting Ways to use Wallwisher
29 Interesting ways to use Wallwisher in class
How Can We Use This in Education?

Learn more about Wallwisher

2. Making movies

Xtranormal: Text to movie making

Text to speech movie making. You can also watch, share or embed other movies already made. Choose set, characters and a voice from a range of international accents.
More help with xtranormal
Want more detail explanations to making an XtraNormal, then watch this YouTube video
Here is Mme. T movie:Le déjeuner

Preservice teachers make me a "thank you" movie for their workshop. (I was truly touched by this.)

Animotomusic-use pictures to create a story or share information. Get Animoto Education Edition: unlimited videos for you and your students

Another MmeT. production:Le Petit Prince

Toni Theisen's French II students make Animoto video of their introductions
Toni Theisen's French I students make Animoto videos to remember the "Jeux Olympiques 2010"
Toni Theisen's French II students make Animoto videos to summarize "Les Jeux Olympiques 2010"

3. Telling stories

Storybird: Create your own stories with a wonderful set of images from different artists. To includes accents-write the story in Word and then copy and paste. Students can collaborate on a story also. Can publish stories, but they are not yet allowing stories in other languages to be public. But you can invite people to read your story. For students learning English there are some great stories to read.

Storybird Quick Tour from Storybird on Vimeo.

Theisen example: Les jeux olympiques et la paix



Storybird Wiki: A place to share readings in other languages. Fiona Joyce has developed this wiki to share Storybird stories and gives advice on how to make them public.




Little Bird Tales is a site where you can upload your drawings and record your voice for each picture to create your story.

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