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The Interpretive Mode: Understanding What You Hear and Read

We guide students in interpreting the written, graphic, video or audio materials by providing a task (checklist, graphic organizer, chart, drawing response) that matches their interests and language levels. The Interpretive mode is often the first step in a thematic unit. It leads into the Interpersonal and Presentational modes.

However, finding authentic, engaging material for the interpretive mode that is appropriate for novice levels in elementary school can be a challenge.
Authentic signs, catalogs, folktales, fairy tales, zoo websites, catalogs, movie trailers and songs are useful.


PRE: Teach some of the essential vocabulary and elicit prior knowledge

1) You tell students: are going on a trip to Spain. Before returning, you have to buy gifts for your family members. You have 150 euros to spend. You know your mom wants an article of clothing. The other gifts are up to you. You go online to a catalogue and follow the links to browse various items.
Notice what's on sale, how the numbers are written, what types of things are popular in Spain, what's the same in the U.S.
Make a list of what you want to buy. Website for the online catalogue of the department store chain in Spain: El Corte Inglés

Later, you take a trip to Mexico and, again, purchase gifts. You have 450 pesos to spend. Website for the online catalogue of the department store chain in Mexico: Sanborns

2) Fill out the Venn diagram provided to compare the stores. What can you infer about the countries from the products in the stores?

POST: On the back write which one you prefer and why.

As an interpersonal follow-up, discuss. A classroom market can be part of a culminating oral assessment.


Vamos de compras en el Corte Inglés:

Están de visita en España. Tienes 150 € (euros) para comprar regalos para tu familia.

Regalo precio normal oferta/venta para quien
Camisa 50 € 36 € mi padre





Some zoo websites: in French in Spanish
Stories online: Fairy Tales in Spanish, French and Chinese
Folktales in Spanish, French, Chinese and Thai

Authentic resources in SPANISH FRENCH GERMAN

Songs in the Latino world Songs Latino World and more

Print materials in Spanish, non-fiction and fiction:
Topical Listing Elementary Books in Spanish

Webcasts in Russian, Arabic and Chinese provides a steadily changing stream of MOVIE TRAILERS in all languages. Animated films work well with elementary ages.

2010 ACTFL Presentation
Below are performance assessments from a Spanish FLES program that meets three times a week. The video is from 3rd grade and 5th, the audio file is from 5th grade. Performance assessments are critical to the health of a language program. They provide evidence of a range of proficiencies that teachers and students can build on in subsequent language classes. They also show students what they know and are able to do. When documented electronically, performance assessments can serve as tools for advocacy with administrators and parents.

In the Weather Channel video, third graders are challenged to create their own "weather channel" and report the day's weather

Weather Channel Third Grade

Exceeds expectations 3
Satisfactory 2
Does not meet Expectations 1
My message is crystal clear and easily understood with clear details
Meaning is understood but with pauses and hesitations
Difficult to fully understand
Communication Strategies
I have provided the information in a clearly organized way
I use gestures and visuals well to help get the message across
I have provided the necessary information
I use gestures and visuals
The message is disorganized or some information is missing
I do not make use of gestures and visuals
Language control and vocabulary use
My grammar is correct when using memorized sentences.
My vocabulary is varied.
I am mostly correct when using memorized sentences. My vocabulary shows basic information.
I am correct at the word or phrase level.
My vocabulary is repetitive or limited.
Presentational impact
Pronunciation is clear, I maintain eye contact with the audience/camera. Delivery is lively and very expressive
The presentation is delivered with interest and eye contact
I make little effort to hold the audience’s interest

In the following audio clip, fifth graders are challenged to sustain an interpersonal exchange of their interests for a minimum of three minutes. They must respond to their partners interests as well as stating their own.

Voice recording in Fifth Grade Spanish
Students were to sustain an unscripted conversation in Spanish. They randomly chose a partner by picking a hidden name out of a basket. The conversation had to be at least three minutes long and without pauses. In order to do their best, students had to be able to respond well to questions and show interest in what their partner was saying.
Having enough recorders for the class allows the pairs to record simultaneously so that students don’t have to wait their turn or be tethered to a computer for recording. They can move around the room or record in the hall. It can be instantly played back over speakers in class. The files can be easily downloaded onto a computer for sharing, mailing and scoring.


You can find additional sample rubrics created by a FLAP grant for a consortium of school districts in New Jersey:

Sample Rubrics FLENJ

Here a fifth grade students talks about himself and another person. It's an individual presentational task.