ACTFL TOY 2007-Christine Lanphere-Natomas High School, Sacramento, California

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2012 ACTFL TOY Presentation

Information Literacy

2011 ACTFL TOY Presentation

Interpersonal Communication: Providing Opportunities for Interaction

2010 ACTFL TOY Presentation

Creative Ways to Group, Choose, and Organize

What they say about organization being a key to success is true in the classroom as well! If you put some serious thought and preparation into how you group and choose students for activities or how you organize and scaffold the tasks you ask your students to do, you will find that students are less anxious about expectations and that you get better quality performance from them.

In this presentation, you will hear about some of my favorite tricks for grouping and choosing students and also a few of my favorite scaffolding tools for presenting concepts and engaging students in communicative activities. I hope that you will discover a new trick for your repertoire!